Labels assist with identification & communication.....

Engraved labels add a professional touch to any project.

Labels have 101 uses to identify electrical components & switchboards, control panels, compliance plates, serial numbers, contact details, owner name, team or company logo, workshops, clubs & pubs, storage areas, etc.......


Labels to identify electrical components & switchboards, comtrol panels, compliance plates, contact details, workshops, etc...


Engraved brass utility tags for outdoor marking of electrical, water, waste, gas, data.



Labels can be produced in a variety of materials, colours and shapes, and can also be supplied with self adhesive on the back. Different materials are also available for indoor and outdoor use.



We often get asked for Traffolyte labels as this was a common material used to manufacture engraved labels for many years. Traffolyte was discontinued several years ago, and has been replaced by a range of modern engraving materials offering a much larger choice of colours and finishes. We still have a small quantity of traffolyte in stock for anyone needing to match some older existing labels.

Contact us with your requirements and we'll make a suitable recommendation
on the material and price.



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